Providing clients and their families support for acute and chronic healthcare needs

Whether it is help to stay at home or relocate to a new living community...moving here from another state...facing a significant change in health...loss of a partner...families in conflict over what choices to make...Integrated Care Consultants will help you explore your options, understand your choices, and help you set up a plan that will provide the most support, dignity, and independence for you and your loved ones when facing changes in health.

                                                                                                                                            Transitions and change can bring overwhelming challenges.

                      Integrated Care Consultants can help you assess your strengths and resources;         walking with you as you find your way through this new territory.
Appreciative comments:

"Thanks for the help understanding our Medicaid options. We didn't even know where to start".

"I didn't know you knew so much".

"I would not have thought about bringing her home with Hospice for the last days. Thanks for the recommendation.  We are so glad we followed it".

"You were the light for him and the light for us as well".

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Services are available in the Portland Metro area.

We can help....We're on it!