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Elder care

        Support for elders in need of
        assistance with activities of
        daily living may fall to the
        healthier spouse and
        family members.

        In some situations,
        there are no family members
        or a spouse to fill this need to
        provide care for the elder.

Community resources for elder care are available but often are under-utilized. Private organizations and government services agencies provide direct elder care as well as support for the caregiver. Elder care
services are available in the elder's home on a part time or full time basis. Respite elder care can be obtained
as a day care or residential service. More choices are available for elder care than is usually understood.
Options should be fully explored. Integrated Care Consultants will be able to explain and explore the options
and choices of elder care that will be most appropriate for your needs. Consultants will be able to work with
you as your needs change and the plans need to be revised.

                        Integrated Care Consultants can give direction to help connect the dots between
                                    elder care needs, available services, and family resources.